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Mature Time front pageReach the UK’s biggest and fastest growing market

For over 25 years, Mature Times has been the UK’s ONLY national newspaper directly targeting the over-50s.

We act as their voice and as a platform for their interests and concerns. Our unique editorial approach has earned enormous reader loyalty – and advertisers benefit from that.

Mature Times is a lively, independent read for people with attitude. We can help you reach over 500,000 people in your target market.

Integrated media – what Mature Times can offer you

The main route to market is the Mature Times newspaper – a tabloid style monthly newspaper printing 200,000 copies each and every month distributed for free across the UK reaching in excess of 500,000 readers.

Mature Times currently has a circulation of 200,000 driven by continuing demand for the UK’s only campaigning paper for the over 50s – and we have a substantial waiting list!

Supplementing the monthly newspaper is the Mature Times website – this is one of the largest internet portals in the UK dedicated solely to the 50+ market., has articles and features covering all the lifestyle issues relevant to this market. Updated daily, it really is an effective route to reach this demographic.

The Mature Times newsletter is broadcast every two weeks to our database of opted-in readers, again providing access to lively, topical and, informative information and relevant advice.

Mature Times is very discerning about where the paper is distributed. Just because an organisation requests copies, does not mean they will automatically get onto our distribution list. They must meet a series of strict criteria including socio-economic profile, geographic location, footfall of over 50s, membership numbers, accessibility and integrity.

Mature Times also pro-actively monitors its existing distribution points to ensure the papers are reaching the target audience every month. Regular check backs to libraries show that only around 1% of copies are left unread at the end of each month. Any shortfall and an outlet will be reassessed.


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